Business & corporate head shots

** above pricing does not include travel, lighting & setup

Planning your session


The advice that i usually mention for business head shots:

To wear a dark solid color suit or vest ( Black/grays/blues work best) with a light solid shirt underneath.  

Solid colors work best keeping the attention to the face.

A few other tips below:

You may choose to bring one casual outfit and something dressy.

Soft medium tones (dark red, forest or olive green, indigo blue, plum) and neutrals (white/ivory, black, 

gray, khaki, beige or brown) work great  for outdoor portraits. Darker colors tend to be more slimming,

and lighter colors tend to highlight areas.  Very bright colors or patterns can work for the "High-Key" (all white) background or a "personality shot".

Avoid sleeveless or short sleeve shirts if you are concerned with how the arms photograph. 

(These can make you arms look heavier!).

Casual Approach:

Bring appropriate shoes and socks (or hose) for each outfit . Casual outfits in denim or khaki even 

look great barefoot!  Also remember other accessories, such as ties, jewelry, hair items or sunglasses.

Iron or press clothing and put on hangers if appropriate.

Hair & MakeUp


Your hair and makeup should be done before you get here, but bring along prep items in case you need touch-ups.  Soft, blended eye makeup and a medium shade lipstick photograph better than dramatic or dark makeup. Even if you don't normally wear makeup, some liquid foundation is recommended, and facial powder is essential!  If you are doing high contrast black-and-white, darker makeup is appropriate. 

Consider bringing  facial powder-this can eliminate shiny skin.

Don't forget your fingernails!   You don't need an all-out manicure, but make sure you don't have chipped or worn nail polish.   

Don't plan your session too close to the day you have your hair cut.  If you get a haircut, do it one week before your session.   Girls look great with their hair down around chin or shoulders, but if you wear it pulled back, do not do it too tight. Keep in mind weather conditions if your hair is temperature sensitive and bring appropriate products.


 If you wear glasses all the time, you should plan to wear them in your session, so you look like your usual self.  However, they can reflect a glare from light inside the studio or outdoors.  Certain prescriptions can also make the size or shape of your eyes appear distorted. 

Here's what we suggest: 

Ask your Optometrist if you can borrow a pair of glasses for the day (removing the lenses).  

If wearing frames without lenses is not an options for you, we can try to adjust lighting to minimize glare. Finally, we can do hand retouching if glare does appear on your final prints (there is an extra charge for this).