Wise Photography, Portrait Studio, Rockford & Big Rapids

Wisdom in Photographs


My Background


I fell in love with the film world in the summer of 1987.  I aspired to be a film maker and took photography courses in college.  I've always had a heart for business, so it was natural for me to want a career in film, now digital medium.  It's been 25 years since I began Wise Photography and my life has been full of wonderful and challenging experiences.  My clients are family to me and I live vicariously through their life experiences, my life is fulfilled!

In Perspective


Photography is a creative outlet for me.  It's how I see life through the aperture of a lens.  The world for me is made of shapes, textures & colors.  

My perspective is every life has meaning and purpose, every thing is a wonder!  Having a Portrait Studio has broadened my horizons and expanded my family!
What an amazing journey!  



 Some of the images are symbolic reflections of my walk with Christ and what I've learned and the way.  God has used the worst moments in my life to help others through their hard times. I am honored to be used this way.   When you see a created work of art, you are also looking at a story.  I pray the Lord ministers to your heart as you view the images.